Advising sessions help students pick their courses, survey and plot their academic progress, and can be used to obtain advice of all kinds.

New Students
Advising for new, incoming students is conducted by the Faculty of Science during the summer and fall for Fall or Winter admissions. The Faculty provides advising for all new science students through Science Academic Services.
Continuing & Transfer Students
The Department of Chemistry provides two online tools for students in Chemistry and Biochemistry as starting points to orient them to either the information they need, the online resources they need, or contact with the UPD for email or in-person advice.

Students in certain situations can most often get the help that they need using the Progress Monitor tool:

  • students in Chemistry and Biochemistry degree programs preparing to graduate
  • students thinking of changing their degree program can see how well their courses would fit
  • students looking to improve their gpa can test various gpa scenarios as to how best to do this when considering repeating courses or adding new courses

Going through the Personal Advisor tool will either address the situation directly or, as appropriate, will direct you to the UPD by email or by appointment. The kinds of situation can involve:

  • students experiencing certain difficulties with enrollments
  • students with complaints or difficulties in getting their needs addressed
  • students considering taking courses elsewhere
  • students transferring from other institutions or from other degree programs (the online request to transfer to Chemistry or Biochemistry should already have been filed)
  • students on exchange programs from abroad or looking to go abroad on an exchange
  • students needing help in choosing their degree program or in selecting courses
  • students with special needs or circumstances
  • students in some academic trouble
Start the Progress Monitor Start the Personal Advisor