Chem 4030/5260 Lecture Notes etc 2009

Charge Transfer Spectra Summary 

Notes on Colour - #1  

Notes on Colour - #2 

trans- [Ru(H2O)4Cl2]+ LMCT Analysis

Week 1- - Introduction to symmetry elements, operators, point groups; Required reading Chapters 2 and 3 of Lever, 1968

Week 2- - Direct products; reducible representations; orbital symmetries

Week 3- - application to determining infrared and Raman vibrations; Symmetry in Metal-ligand bonding; exercises in point group recognition; initial creation of MO diagrams

Week 4 - - MO diagrams, transitions and selection rules, for LMCT transitions in monochloro, dichloro and tetrachloro aquo ruthenium(III), low spin d6 systems- general principles

Week 5 etc will be updated depending on progress

Week 6 - 1st assignment due AND Mid-Term exam. Wed. April 8th, 2009

Week 7 -

Week 8-

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11, May 13; 2nd Assignment due

Assignments #1 due April 8th 2009.

EXAMINATION Final be announced; 2nd Assignment due last day of term

Good Luck and Enjoy

All of the above applies to both Chem4030 and Chem5260 students BUT more depth will be demanded/expected of the Chem5260 students, and the assignments will be more demanding.