Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry-II

Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II  From Biology to Nanotechnology  Second Edition, 2003

Series Editors J.A. McCleverty , University of Bristol, UK and T.J. Meyer , Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, USA Elsevier Science & Technology Bookstore: Overall Description CCCII

There are 10 volumes, and 9500 pages to this Comprehensive work Volumes 1 and 2 are edited by A. B. P. Lever Details for these volumes can be found here Volume 1 Fundamentals: Ligands, Complexes, Synthesis, Purification, and Structure Volume 2 Fundamentals: Physical Methods, Theoretical Analysis, and Case Studies

Volume 2 also contains articles written by ABPL Ligand Electrochemical Parameters and Electrochemical-Optical Relationships (A. B. P. Lever CCCII 2, 251-268, (2003) ) Notes on Time Frames (A. B. P. Lever CCCII, 2, 435-438, (2003) ) [I regret that reprints are not available for these articles]