General Education Requirement

Twelve (12) credits of General Education courses are required within all B.Sc. programs. These non-science courses provide a broad perspective on current scholarship and the diversity of human experience. The courses are also expected to enhance students' critical skills in reading, writing, and thinking and contribute to their preparation for post-university life.

All BSc candidates must complete a minimum of 12 credits from two different areas of study, including at least 3 credits from each area, subject to the restrictions noted below. For the purposes of this regulation, "different area" means offered by different academic units such as divisions, departments or Faculties and excluding courses offered by similar departments in different Faculties.

General Education requirements are normally taken 6 credits at a time in your first and second years. For certain degree programs and personal situations, however, some adjustment in timing of these courses may be desirable, either by enrolment in a summer session or by deferment until your third year.

Many General Education courses are available in the summer, for instance to achieve a lighter course load during the regular academic year. Check the Registrar's web site for each year's summer offerings.

General education courses are normally taken at the 1000 or 2000 level, but higher-level courses are acceptable, subject only to prerequisites and course access specifications for enrolment.

List of Some Eligible Courses

The Faculty of Science and Engineering maintains a list of some courses eligible for General Education credit. The list is not exhaustive, and other courses can be used if they meet the eligibility guidelines and restrictions set out below. The courses in this list are not offered every year nor every term. Enrolment restrictions may be in place for some courses. In all cases, the University's lecture schedule must be consulted to identify candidate courses that interest you.

Course Eligibility

Qualified courses may be taken in:

  1. the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (FLAPS) or at Glendon College (GC), in:
    1. Anthropology
    2. Classical Studies
    3. Economics
    4. English
    5. French Studies
    6. Geography
    7. History
    8. Humanities
    9. Languages, Literature and Linguistics
    10. Philosophy
    11. Political Science
    12. Social Science
    13. Sociology
    14. Women's Studies
  2. the Faculty of Environmental Studies
    1. ES/ENVS 1000 6.0
  3. the Faculty of Fine Arts (FA)
    1. FA/DANC 1340 3.0, 2340 3.0
    2. FA/FILM 1400 6.0, 2401 6.0
    3. FA/INFA 1900 6.0, 1940 6.0, 2900 6.0
    4. FA/MUSI 1511 3.0, 1512 3.0, 1520 6.0, 1530 6.0
    5. FA/THEA 1500 6.0, 2210 3.0
    6. FA/VISA 1110 6.0, 1340 6.0, 2110 6.0, 2540 6.0, 2550 6.0, 2560 6.0, 2620 6.0, 2680 3.0
  4. Fine Arts at Atkinson College (AK)
    1. AK/FA 2100 6.0
    2. AK/MUSI 2210 6.0
    3. AK/VISA 2410 6.0, 3400 6.0, 3420 6.0, 3430 6.0

Permission may be granted by the Office of Science Academic Services (355 Lumbers), on an individual basis, for a student to take a course outside the areas and Faculties listed above for general education credit, subject to the course fulfilling the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science breadth and critical skills requirements for general education courses, the student having the appropriate prerequisites and the course access specifications permitting enrolment.
A student who is in doubt regarding whether or not any specific course will fulfill the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science general education requirements should consult the Office of Science Academic Services (355 Lumbers).


  1. Courses which are cross-listed as SC courses or which are eligible for SC credit.
  2. Courses whose major focus is increased facility in the use of a language.
  3. Quantitative courses focussing on techniques of mathematics or statistics. For example, this applies to some Economics courses.
  4. Geography courses for BSc candidates majoring in Geography.
  5. Women's Studies courses which are cross-listed with Natural Science courses.

Note: General Education courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis (see "Pass/Fail Grading Option" in Science section III in the Undergraduate Calendar).