Materials Chemistry Descriptive Brochure (PDF)

Students completing the following program of study earn a Specialized Honours degree in Chemistry, fully accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), but the degree and transcript will carry no mention of this option. Students can obtain a letter from the Chair attesting to their successful completion of this special course sequence.
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As of Fall 2009, the requirements for this study plan will have changed in concert with the changes to the Specialized Honours BSc program. [Summary of Recent Changes] The requirements described here apply to those students having entered the program since Fall 2009. Students entering the program before Fall 2006 and who have successfully completed SC/CHEM 2030 4.0 can opt to follow the pre-2006 requirements or the 2006-2009 requirements. All students lacking SC/CHEM 2030 4.0 but enrolled before Fall 2006, and all students entering the program between Fall 2006 and Fall 2009 must follow the 2006-2009 requirements. Students enrolling since Fall 2009 must follow the requirements effective Fall 2009.

Years 1 & 2

(62 credits)

  1. Chemistry Program Core (49 credits)
  2. SC/CHEM 2050 4.00 'Introductory Biochemistry' [W] or equivalent
  3. SC/BIOL 1010 6.00 'Biological Science' [Y] (or the combination of SC/BIOL 1000 3.00 'Biology I - Cells, Molecular Biology and Genetics' [F,S] and SC/BIOL 1001 3.00 'Biology II - Evolution, Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology' [W,S])
    or SC/EATS 1010 3.00 'The Dynamic Earth and Space Geodesy' [F] and SC/EATS 1011 3.00 'Introduction to Atmospheric Science' [W]
  4. SC/MATH 2015 3.00 'Applied Multivariate and Vector Calculus' [F] or SC/MATH 2270 3.00 'Differential Equations' [W]

Years 3 & 4

(45 credits)

  1. SC/CHEM 3000 3.00 'Experimental Chemistry I' [F]
  2. SC/CHEM 3001 3.00 'Experimental Chemistry II' [W]
  3. SC/CHEM 3010 3.00 'Physical Chemistry' [W]
  4. SC/CHEM 3011 3.00 'Physical Chemistry' [F]
  5. SC/CHEM 3020 3.00 'Organic Chemistry II' [F]
  6. SC/CHEM 3030 3.00 'Transition Metal Chemistry' [F]
  7. SC/CHEM 3031 3.00 'Physical Inorganic Chemistry' [W]
  8. SC/CHEM 3080 4.00 'Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis' [W]
  9. SC/CHEM 3090 3.00 'Introduction to Polymer Chemistry' [W]
  10. SC/CHEM 4000 8.00 'Research Project' [Y,S]
  11. SC/CHEM 4090 3.00 'Topics in Material Sciences' [W]
  12. at least 6 additional CHEM credits at the 4000 level

In Addition

  1. Additional courses as needed for a minimum overall total of 120 credits


  1. One or more courses from the Chemistry Program Core may need to be delayed. Consult with an advisor about course selection and timing.
  2. Since Summer 2011, SC/BIOL 1010 6.00 has been replaced by the combination of SC/BIOL 1000 3.00 and 1001 3.00. Either version is required for those wishing to take advanced courses in the biological areas (especially courses with SC/BIOL 2021 3.00/4.00 as prerequisite) or to transfer into the Specialized Honours program in Biochemistry or into the Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemistry stream.