Minor in Chemistry

Requirements for a Minor in Chemistry

The following applies to this choice:

  • The choice of Major determines the General Education, general science or breadth requirements that apply to the degree.
  • A CHEM course that is required by the Major, for instance the requirement for CHEM 1000 in a Biology major, can be counted as meeting part of the requirements for a Chemistry minor.
  • CHEM courses that are cross-listed with a BCHM or BIOL course or which is a course credit exclusion with a BCHM or BIOL course can only be counted as meeting one set of requirements; thus, CHEM 2050, 3050, 3051, 3071, 4050 or 4051 can either count as a CHEM course meeting the requirements of a Chemistry minor or as a BCHM or BIOL course meeting the major requirements for Biochemistry or Biology, but not as both.

The requirements for a minor in Chemistry are:

  • SC/CHEM 1000 3.00 'Chemical Structure' [F, W, S]
  • SC/CHEM 1001 3.00 'Chemical Dynamics' [W, S]
  • 24 other CHEM credits at the 2000 or higher level, for an overall total of at least 30 credits from CHEM courses, not counting cross-listed courses counted as meeting the major requirements, nor counting those that are course credit exclusions of courses counted as meeting the major requirements, and taking account of any prerequisites (CHEM or otherwise) to these course choices.