Progress Monitor

The Progress Monitor has not yet been updated to include the new PHYS courses, nor CHEM 3061. Use the "electives" button to manually enter them.
Use the Progress Monitor

Now updated with the new Biochemistry degrees.

  • easier to use
  • screen-size-responsive
  • instant analysis of progress
  • instant calculation of gpa
  • covers all degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry with start dates as far back as 2009
  • accommodates transfer credits

Check your progress toward your degree
Using the on-line Progress Monitor tool,

  • build an academic snapshot that can be assessed against the requirements for the degree of your choice (all degrees involving Chemistry or Biochemistry),
  • see what you've accomplished and what's left to do,
  • see what might be needed if you change degree programs,
  • do a gpa calculation,
  • prepare a list summarizing your courses and academic progress (what you have and what you need),
  • save it or email it to the UPD with any questions that you might have

Academic Planning
Within the utility, you can also

  • compare degrees and their requirements that best match your course choices,
  • compare possible course combinations within a degree
  • see what grades you will need to achieve your goal, and
  • project your progress term-by-term into the future as part of an Academic Plan
Use the Progress Monitor

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