SC/CHEM 2050 4.00 Introductory Biochemistry

An introduction to biochemistry primarily for chemistry students. Course material includes cellular functions, biomolecules and metabolism.

Offered every year. This year in Winter term.

Three lecture hours, three laboratory hours, one tutorial hour. One term. Four credits.

Prerequisites Pre/co-requisite SC/CHEM 2020 6.00

Course Credit Exclusion(s) SC/BIOL 2020 4.0, SC/BCHM 2020 4.0

Text(s) & Other Materials TBA

Course Content A course introducing students to biochemical topics.

A. Lecture Material

Cells, tissues, organs, organelles and their roles.

Macromolecules, their roles and their building blocks: amino acids and proteins, nucleotides and nucleic acids, lipids, sugars and polysaccharides.

Enzymes and their properties: structures and active site, introductory enzyme kinetics, coenzymes and cofactors.

Metabolism: glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid cycle, electron transport and respiration, photosynthesis, fatty acid metabolism

B. Laboratory Material:

Ten weekly laboratory experiments will be conducted to provide practical experience that demonstrates and supplements the material presented in the lectures, and which teaches students the basic experimental techniques used by biochemists. The laboratory experience may be a combination of dry and wet experiments teaching observation, data collection and appropriate data treatment, with formal, graded written reports. The topics covered may be rotated from year to year and may include isolation of cell components, staining for microscopy, buffer preparations, spectrometric quantitation of nucleic acids, protein isolation & purification, protein crystallization, chemical modification of proteins, electrophoresis, ion exchange chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography, micelles, fermentation, amylase kinetics, enzyme dosing, use of lipases and esterases in stereoselective reactions, nucleic acid structure.