SC/CHEM 3070 3.00 Industrial and Green Chemistry

An in-depth look at various topics on the evolution of chemistry in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, dye, agrochemical, food, personal care, cosmetic and detergent industries, including recent environmentally friendly approaches (green chemistry).

Not offered this coming year.

Three lecture hours per week. One Term. Three credits.

Prerequisites SC/CHEM 2020 6.00

Text(s) & Other Materials Unless otherwise announced, a single suitable text is not available. In any event, a list of references on reserve in the Steacie Science Library will be provided. Page references will be cited for particular topics as they arise. As well, material will be distributed in class when needed to supplement lecture topics.

Course Content

The chemical industry has become a huge complex of operations that range from large multinational corporations to small locally-owned factories. Collectively, they manufacture materials and products which compose at least some part of almost every item used in our society today.

This course is a study of the chemistry of some of the major processes of the chemical industry together with an examination of some representative problems that have become recognized as a result of the introduction of various materials into the environment. One approach to such topics will be to examine the rationale, based on raw material resources, economics, chemistry, and environmental considerations, for the development of particular processes.

Many of the environmental problems that have been discovered, of course, were quite unforeseen. During the course we could be on the look out for ways in which hazards, which are as yet unrecognized, might be suspected.

The types of industries to be discussed are those involved in the production of basic raw materials, the refining of petroleum, petrochemicals, the manufacture and use of plastics, paints, pesticides, dyes, food additives, pharmaceuticals, etc. The sources of environmental pollutants by those industries and the impact of industrially produced substances on the environment, including health effects, together with measures for pollution abatement and approaches of research to problems in the chemical industry also will be discussed. The course will examine solutions that have been developed, and identify areas in which research is required.

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