York-Seneca Coregistration

Fact Sheet
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  1. Why consider the York-Seneca Chemistry Co-registration Option? What's in it for me?
    The selected Seneca courses available through this option all feature extensive hands-on laboratory experience using industry-standard instruments, protocols and standards. Combined with the strong theoretical and prior laboratory training at York, this enhanced laboratory and instrumental experience will greatly improve a graduate's immediate employability, especially in the analytical and pharmaceutical sectors.
    In addition, courses taken as part of the Coregistration Option will exempt students from CHEM 3001, will count toward the York Honours Major degree and the grades earned at Seneca College will count toward the York gpa. In other words, this Option does not add degree requirements, length or cost to graduation.
  2. What should I consider before applying?
    The Coregistration Option was designed to be taken by York students in a single term spent entirely at Seneca College, but it is in principle possible to take courses at both institutions in the same term.
    Students should carefully consider whether they would also be taking courses at York at the same time as SENE courses at Seneca College while keeping in mind that:

    • the SENE course schedules may conflict with York's course schedules; it remains the student's responsibility to minimize or manage such conflicts and Course Directors have no obligation to provide accommodations for students with such conflicts
    • the SENE course start and end times will be set by Seneca College, and students may have difficulty going from one course to another if courses are closely scheduled; attendance at lab sessions typically have lateness restrictions; Course Directors have no obligation to accommodate lateness
    • the SENE courses will follow the Seneca College sessional dates (including drop deadlines, Reading Week dates and examination schedule), and that exam conflicts may arise (see below for accommodation in such conflicts)
    • the prevailing limit on the total number of credits taken will include the SENE courses as well as all other York courses
  3. Who is eligible to participate?
    Only York University students in good standing with at least 54 credits completed in either the 90-credit BSc or the Honours Major BSc programs in Chemistry and those in the Honours Major BSc program in Biochemistry are eligible to participate. Students who later change degree programs may make themselves ineligible for the Coregistration Option.
  4. What courses are available?
    There are ten courses available to select in the Co-registration Option. The currently available choices and links to the course descriptions are given at chemistry.info.yorku.ca/seneca-york-co-registration-option
  5. Is there a minimum and maximum number of credits that can be taken?
    Students participating in the Co-registration Option will enroll in a minimum of two and a maximum of five SENE courses (6-15 credits).
  6. How will I know if I have received approval for the Seneca courses that I have selected as part of this Coregistration Option? How can I access my Seneca College timetable?
    Once you have coordinated with the Chemistry Department at York University to obtain approval to enroll in the Coregistration Option with the form at chemistry.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=45187 and if you have given your permission for the exchange of your student information with Seneca College with the form at registrar.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=51871, the Chemistry Department will mount permission for you to enroll using the usual Registration and Enrolment Module (registrar.yorku.ca/enrol/guide) and notify you of your enrolment window.
    Once you are successfully enrolled at York, your information will be sent to Seneca College for enrolment into the corresponding Seneca course.
    Once enrolled with Seneca College, you will receive an email from the registrar’s department at Seneca, confirming your enrolment and providing you with instructions for accessing the Seneca Learning Management System, which can be used to access your Seneca timetable/ course schedule (see below).
  7. Which institution’s sessional dates applies (add & drop course deadlines)?
    The Seneca College sessional dates apply to students pursuing the Co-Registration Option (i.e. start of term, end of term, Reading Week dates, examination period, course drop deadlines, etc.). Those dates for the coming term are available here: https://www.senecacollege.ca/registrar/dates.html
  8. Which refund table will be applicable?
    Since students pay their tuition at York University, the York refund table will apply.
  9. Do the SENE courses appear on my York transcript?
    Courses completed through the Co-registration Option will appear on the York University transcript, along with the final grades achieved. These courses will appear as SENE courses on your York University transcript.
  10. What happens if I need to appeal a decision or grade?
    Grade reappraisal requests for courses taken through the Co-Registration option will be managed by Seneca College according to its process and under its deadlines. The appeal must be made through Seneca College using the Seneca Grade Appeal process and must be done no later than 30 days after the final grade has been posted for the course being referenced in the appeal. However, petitions for the waiver of academic regulations or deadlines for courses taken through the Co-registration Option shall be considered by the Faculty of Science at York, through the existing petitions process.
  11. How do I drop a course in the chemistry Co-registration Option and how will York know if I dropped a chemistry course at Seneca?
    As part the enrolment process, students will give permission for data exchange between York University and Seneca College. On a weekly basis, Seneca will provide information about your enrolment status to York University. Once a change is reported, administrative staff will reflect the change on the student record, but it may take up to two weeks for this information to be processed. Students are encouraged to check their student record to ensure that the information is up to date.
  12. Does the ‘W’ grade (Withdrawn from Course) option apply to students participating in this Co-registration Option?
    The 'Withdrawn from Course' option (W grade) is not applicable to courses taken at Seneca College that are part of this Co-registration Option. Students must drop their Seneca Course as per the College's Important Dates/Sessional Dates. (The deadline to add or drop a course at Seneca College is typically within the first ten days of the start of a semester).
  13. Where do I pay for my SENE courses?
    Students will pay their tuition to/at York University. These courses will be added using the regular Registration and Enrolment Module (registrar.yorku.ca/enrol/guide) and will appear on your student account.
  14. What happens if there is an exam conflict?
    The home institution, York University, will accommodate any such conflict.
  15. What are your next steps once you have enrolled at Seneca?
    1. Activate your Seneca College online identity
    2. Activate your Seneca College email account
    3. Access the Seneca College Learning Management System (LMS), called Blackboard, for information about your courses
    4. Access your course schedule/timetable